June 13, 2024

Setting the Course for Rebates in 2024-26

QMM March 13, 2024 Meeting Agenda

Video recording of the meeting

Speaker agenda with video timestamps (start times)

Speaker presentations: 

Xcel Energy - Salene Chaves, New Trade Ally Manager - Xcel PP slides

Boulder County - Zac Swank, Deputy Director - Boulder PP slides

City and County of Denver - Samantha Lichtin -Building Electrification Program Administrator Denver PP slides

The Process and Results of “Rebate Making” in Xcel Energy’s 2024-26 DSM BE Settlement Agreement and Litigation

EEBC Policy Action Council

Legal Team

Howard Geller, EEBC DSM Expert Witness and Advisor
Daniel Rubin, Dietze & Davis, EEBC Legal Counsel Clean Heat Plan

EEBC Industry Action GroupsCo-Chairs with Contact info

Xcel Energy 2024-26 DSM BE Plan - EEBC Table of Wins 05-2024 

Panel Discussion/Q&A

IRA Rebate Providers in other states share how they are using one-stop-shop portals to stack IRA rebates for contractors and consumers –  What’s needed in Colorado?


Eli Technologies ( Olateru-Olagbegi, Chief of Staff  

Conserva( Patrick Metz, CEO & Co-founder and Paul Timpson, Market Development

Rock Rabbit ( Aimee Bailey, Founder & CEO

Sealed ( Bertrand, Senior Policy Manager 

HP Fast Track Apprenticeship Training Program Flyer (contractor version)


March 14, 2024

Link to video recording of meeting

EEBC QMM 3/14/24 Meeting Agenda with video timestamps 

Colorado Energy Office (CEO) – HP Tax Credits and TREC Workforce Loren Ahonen, Climate-Ready Building Lead - CEO speaker slides

Xcel Energy Results and Changes of DSM Rebates for 2024

Josh Martin, Product Portfolio Manager - Residential - J. Martin ppt slides

John Schneider, Product Portfolio Manager - Commercial - J Schneider ppt slides

City & County of Boulder – Streamlining and New Incentives & Marshall Fire Findings

Shawn Rupp, Commercial Electrification Specialist

Zac Swank, Deputy Director 

Boulder ppt slides

New Legislation Introduced HP “2-Way AC Bill"

Christine Brinker, Sr. Associate, Buildings Efficiency Program, SWEEP - C. Brinker - SWEEP ppt slides

EEBC Policy Action Group Recommendations on Xcel Energy’s Proposed DSM Rebate Plan 

Howard Geller, EEBC DSM Expert Advisor

Matt Nadal, Dietze & Davis, EEBC Legal Counsel

EEBC Action Group Co-Chairs

Commercial Lighting, High-Performance Building Envelope, HVAC/Heat Pumps Res. & Comm., Demand Response (DR)/New Technologies

Action Group Co-Chairs & contact info

Initial Settlement Offer doc 20240229 EEBC Settlement Offer 23A-0589EG

EEBC Workforce Training & Hiring Pipeline Updates

Fast-Track Hands-on HP Apprenticeship Program - April 15th Launch

Meeting chat content - coming soon



December 14, 2023

Link to video recording of 12/14/23 QMM meeting 

EEBC QMM 12/14/23 Meeting Agenda with timestamps for speakers on video recording

Regulatory Policy - Rebate Updates & Resources - slide presentations:

CO Energy Office - Chad Weikel

City & County of Denver CASR (Climate Action, Sustainability & Resiliency) slides

Residential: Mac Prather, Energy Efficiency Incentives Manager

Commercial: Sam Domeier, Building Electrification Administrator

Panel Discussion: How Whole Home EE, BE, and HPs Benefit Contractors, Homeowners and the Grid

Center for Energy & Environment - Dan Wildenhaus - slideshow

From the meeting chat room:

Neil Kolwey, SWEEP to Everyone:

Here's where to find the spreadsheet with all CO utility rebates for HPs and HPWhs:

Shaunna Mozingo, Mozingo Code Group to Everyone:

Shawn LeMons to Everyone:

The CEO link above works but the page has lots to read. Here's the link to the spreadsheet of Colorado Building and Energy Codes by Jurisdiction


Sept 21, 2023

Link to video recording of meeting

QMM 9/21/23 Agenda with speaker start times on the video

Links to speaker slide presentations: 

New IRA DOE Guidelines Rollout Update:

Annie Beall, Climate-Ready Buildings Lead, Colorado Energy Office - Slide presentation

EEBC HVAC/HP and BPI Workforce Training & Hiring Pipeline - link to Program flyer

Xcel Energy DSM 2023 Rebate Launch Updates

Ann Kirkpatrick, Trade Ally Manager, Xcel Energy

- presentation slides

Prep for Xcel Energy’s 2024-26 DSM Rebate Plan – Your Chance to Influence Rebate-Making

EEBC Policy Action Group Co-Chairs

Matt Nadal - Dietze and Davis (EEBC Counsel) Recap slides

How Other States Increase Sales by Stacking Rebates with Financing Tools – What Do Colorado Contractors Want to Offer?

Emily Richardson, Program Manager, Colorado Clean Energy Fund - presentation slides

Adam Stenftenagel, CEO, Radiant Labs / Snugg Home - presentation slides

Paul Timpson, Co-Founder and Robert Knudson, Business Development Director, Energy Genius  - Home Improvement Financing & Rebate Stacking -presentation slides


June 16, 2023

Video Recording of the 6/15 QMM Meeting

June QMM Agenda with speaker start times for the video.

Speaker Handouts and web links:

IRA Rollout Update - Colorado Energy Office: 

Local Electrification - Code Adoption - Mozingo Code Group, LLC

"Grid Readiness"  Can it Meet Future Beneficial Electrification Demands? (Panel Discussion with Q&A)

    Regulatory - Final Deliberations Xcel Energy/PUC DSM/Strategic Issues

    Commercial Electrification Rebates/Requirements - City and County of Denver

    EEBC Workforce Training and Hiring Pipeline


      March 16, 2023 - Rebate RoundUp!

      Video Recording of the 3/16 QMM Meeting.

      Meeting Agenda with speaker start times for the video.

      Meeting Agenda & EEBC Slides

      EEBC Hiring & Training Pipeline Flyer

      Speaker Handouts/Links: 

      EEBC Policy/Legal Panel: 

      DSM Rebates Win Summary

      Strategic Issues Wins Summary

      Action Group Co-Chairs Discussion

      City & County of Denver Rebates Presentation:

      Residential &Commercial/multi-family

      Denver Relaunch 3035 Electrification Rebate Program Slides

      Rebate Updates Panel Discussion with:

      Colorado Energy Office 

      Xcel Energy - 

      CO Res Rebate Summary Sheet 2023

      CO Top Residential Trade Partners 2022

      Xcel Rebate newsletter (with links to HP Training Slides and Sales videos)

      Tri-State Transmission & Generation

      Platte River Power Authority (PRPA)

      Holy Cross Energy -

      Holy Cross Rebate Overview Slides

      Group discussion on draft of their HP Standards Spreadsheet (from BELCO meeting)


      Dec 15, 2022 - Inflation Reduction Act - What to Expect:

      12/15/22 Graphic Invitation

      Video of presentation with slides on YouTube


      PAC Action Groups Spring 2024

      Xcel Energy 2024-26 DSM BE Plan - EEBC Table of Wins 05-2024 

      EEBC Policy Action Group Recommendations on Xcel Energy’s Proposed 2024-26 BE DSM Rebate Plan 

      March 2024 - EEBC Initial Settlement Offer doc

      PAC Meeting Documents:

      November 7, 2022:

      Meeting Agenda Slides | Download
      Xcel Energy’s First Term Sheet Response from 11/4/2022 meeting to EEBC Members’ 2023 DSM Plan | Download
       Strategic Issues (SI)+ Beneficial Electrification Plan | Download
      EEBC’s reviewed Testimony Outline and the controversial issues anticipated in SI | Download
      2023 DSM BE Plan - Comprehensive Settlement Agreement. posted 1/26/2023.
      Summary of Results DSM Rebates - EEBC Proposals to Xcel Energy

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