Louisville, Superior, and EnergySmart hosted a series of webinars about the technologies necessary to earn the Colorado Energy Office's $10,000 incentive for Marshall Fire homes that use electric heating and cooking.

The $10,000 incentive can be paired with any of Xcel Energy's incentives including the ENERGY STAR Next Gen incentive, which requires electrification of the same equipment, for a combined total of $27,500.


Zero Carbon Commercial Construction | PDF DOCUMENT

An Electrification Guide for Large Commercial Buildings and Campuses

A Zero Emissions All-Electric Multi-Family Construction Guide

Redwood Energy 2019 | PDF DOCUMENT

A Pocket Guide To All Electric Retrofits of Single Family Homes

Redwood Energy 2021 | PDF DOCUMENT

Single-Family Dwelling Electrical Load Calculation | PDF DOCUMENT

Formulas to calculate electricity load.

What To Ask Before You Build: Advice from Green Building Pros

Energy Code Fact Sheet for Homeowners

Benefits of All-Electric Homes Flyer

SWEEP Cost Comparison of All-Electric Home vs. Gas in Boulder County

Passive House Network Resources

Xcel Energy Marshall Fire Rebate FAQ

Xcel Energy Marshall Fire Rebuild Rebates

Xcel Energy Insulation and Air Sealing Bonus Rebates | Deadline 12.31.2022


Rebuilding Better Workshop #1Optimizing Comfort and Construction

Cost Savings in Your New Home

Rebuilding Better Workshop #2Materials & Equipment For A Resilient Building

Rebuilding Better Workshop #3Maximizing Rebuilding Incentives

Robby Schwarz joined EnergySmart

as the Marshall Fire New Homes Building Advisor

As EnergySmart’s New Homes Advisor, Robby is available, at no cost to you, to be an independent, third-party advisor to help you or your building team plan a home that strikes the right balance for you between your budget, incentives, and discounts available, and your home performance goals.

To contact Robby; call 303-544-1000 or email 

In collaboration with the City of Louisville and Town of Superior, Boulder County has launched, a new website for builders and Marshall Fire-impacted residents. The Rebuilding Better site provides resources for planning, designing, and constructing high-performance homes that are cleaner, more comfortable, and more resilient to climate change impacts.


Community Meeting Information, Financial Assistance, Insurance, Legal Help, Donations, etc.


Rebates up to $37,500 to build to high energy efficiency standards with the highest level as Passive House Certification

Part I- Requirements of ENERGY STAR v3.2 and New Certification Program - Link to recording

Part II- Requirements of the Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready v2 program - Link to recording

HOME BUILDING INFO FOR MARSHALL FIRE SURVIVORS | This page will help you calculate costs of energy code compliance, as well as document all your code compliance going back through 1990, for insurance claims

THE PASSIVE HOUSE NETWORK MARSHALL FIRE RESOURCES PAGE | Learn about the stages of construction for a Passive House from this national network of building professionals

INTRO TO PASSIVE HOUSE | The Passive House approach empowers us to build better. It creates durable, resilient buildings that slash heating energy use by as much as 90% and dramatically reduce operational carbon emissions 

ENERGY SMART GUIDANCE | Information and support to assist in rebuilding a high-performance home that is safer, healthier, more comfortable, less costly to operate, and cleaner.

AIA DISASTER ASSISTANCE HANDBOOK | Handbook for architects to support communities before and after disaster; creating more resilient, sustainable, equitable and healthy places and spaces

FEMA GUIDE TO CONSTRUCTION IN WILDFIRE ZONES | Technical fact sheet for building in wildfire zones

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