The mission of the Lighting Action Group is to gather input, ideas, and experiences from EEBC Lighting Industry Members regarding how existing rebate programs help or hinder goals. What works well, what could be improved, what might have the effect of running counter to these goals?


Mike Bryant, Nuova Luce, LLC | 720.323.9330>

Scot Kelley, Colorado Lighting, Inc. | 303.288.3152/font>

SEPTEMBER 21 | Meeting Recording

TOPIC | Preparing Proposals Howard Geller joins the Lighting Action Group • Discussion on Xcel Energy 2023 DSM [Rebate] Plan

Discussion is based on EEBC Future of Commercial Lighting Survey Results presented to Xcel Energy on August 6.2022

  • How to Write Your Proposal 
  • Xcel Energy 2023 DSM & BE PLAN 22A-0315EG_2023 DSM & BE Plan
  • LIGHTING Home Lighting (pp 122-124), Business Lighting (pp 67-71), LED Street Lighting (pp 65-66)
  • EFFICIENCY Whole Home Efficiency (pp 147-149), Business Custom Efficiency (pp 51-59)
  • BUSINESS Business New Construction (pp 72-80), Small Business Solutions (pp 85-88)

    AUGUST 11 | Meeting Recording | Recap

    • Continued Dialog with Xcel Energy 

       — Positive Feedback on Survey Results


    Spreadsheet with the information Xcel Energy needs to evaluate new prescriptive measures and wattage ranges.

      — Forward the completed spreadsheet to Paige Romero |

    MAY 11 | Follow-up Action Items For LAG Members | Meeting Recording

      TOPIC | Xcel Energy’s Commercial Lighting Program Managers to join EEBC Lighting Action Group meeting for a conversation about prioritizing

      lighting rebates in the next 3-5 years. Topics are based on EEBC Future of Commercial Lighting Survey Results presented to Xcel Energy on August 6.2022

      Participate in being on the leading edge of helping shape future lighting rebates and stay plugged into the direction of the future of lighting efficiency to see what business opportunities are coming down the pipeline

      • Future of Commercial Lighting Survey Results Presented to Xcel Energy | April 6, 2022

      Meeting Debrief & Follow Up | MAY 11, 2022

      Xcel Energy Bonus Rebates on LED Upgrades

      Xcel Energy Business Lighting Efficiency Webpage

      Review the Xcel Energy's Demand Response [DR] Pilot Results in the Brattle DR Study from 2Q Roundtable Meeting | May 11, 2022

      APRIL 27 | Meeting Recording

      Good Green Jobs | Daniel Goldsmith & Matt Evans from Julius speak with members about the labor pipeline

      — What are you looking for in a new hires for your company?

      APRIL 6 PPT Presentation

      • Meeting With Representatives of Xcel Energy
      • Post Xcel Energy Meeting Debriefing | Meeting Recording


      Bonus Rebates on LED Upgrades | For a limited time, your customers can earn higher rebate dollars - 25% bonus rebates on LED fixtures and 50% bonus rebates on linear tubes. Must submit qualifying invoices by application deadline. Explore Rebates

      COLORADO INDUSTRY | LED Instant Rebate Product Impact & Process Evaluation 




      60-Day Notices | Q2 2022

      • Energy Star New Homes Evaluation: The Company is responding to and implementing recommendations from the 2021 product evaluation in addition to implementing modeling updates and publishing a new rebate table for homes built based on IECC 2021 code.
      • Home Lighting Evaluation: The Company is responding to and implementing recommendations from the 2021 product evaluation.

      MARCH 31• Survey Results Discussion with Xcel Energy | Meeting Recording

      MARCH 9 • Pre-Survey Results | Meeting Recording

      DECEMBER 15.2021 • Survey Discussion | Meeting Recording

        LIGHTING ACTION GROUP | LETTER FROM Michael Bryant, Nuova Luce, LLC, Co-Chair

        Thanks to all who joined the EEBC’s PAC call and introduction of the Lighting Action Group on July 14th. As discussed, we have only a few months to collaborate and crystalize ideas and priorities to bring to Xcel Energy’s next (2023-24) DSM Plan to influence the next generation of the lighting rebate program.

         Now is the time for us to proactively help influence the shape and success of the next rebate program and DSM Plan. By unifying the voices of many Lighting Industry Members, the EEBC creates a platform for you to have a greater impact to benefit your business.

        Tuesday, August 10th, at 4 pm, join Mike Bryant, Ph.D., EEBC Board Member and owner of Nuova Luce, and Scot Kelley, of Colorado Lighting, for our first meeting to begin this discussion. If you are interested in being a part of the Lighting Action Group but cannot make this time, please let us know an afternoon time on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays that is better for you.

        The mission of the Lighting Action Group is to gather input, ideas, and experiences from EEBC’s Lighting Industry Members regarding how existing rebate programs help or hinder goals. What works well, what could be improved, what might have the effect of running counter to these goals? 

        Before the meeting, please review and think about the below questions based on your business experience; bring your answers to the meeting to start our discussion.

        A couple of the things I would like to bring to discuss for the meeting:

        • Establish what our goals are as a group (collective voice, higher rebates, ideas on what things are working in our industry, industry standards, government policies, etc.)
        • How do we go about achieving these goals?

        A couple of the ideas I would like to consider bringing to Xcel Energy and other utilities:

        •  Higher dollar amounts for exterior rebates
        •  Rebates for exterior controls
        • On-Bill Financing for Commercial customers

        Other items for discussion to consider include:

        Recently passed legislation mandating increased energy efficiency for commercial buildings, existing laws requiring continually reduced emissions, and utilities’ challenges to manage increasing demand on the grid, together gives the lighting industry a great tailwind to grow our businesses for the foreseeable future. 

        We face a rare win-win-win opportunity: where customers benefit from reduced energy bills, the utilities benefit from help hitting multiple targets, and lighting businesses benefit from increasing sales—not to mention the broader environmental and societal benefits from reduced emissions and pollution.

        You’re invited to bring your expertise to EEBC’s new LIGHTING WORKING GROUP* to discuss the lighting industry
        needs for current and future utility rebate programs. Topics identified to date by our members.

        How can the lighting industry strengthen collaboration with utilities for mutual benefit?

        • Assist utilities to achieve DSM and state-mandated emissions reduction targets
        • Increase market penetration and adoption of energy-efficient lighting [Still a long way to go!]

        Provide Feedback to Utilities Regarding Their Rebate Programs

        • Maximize rebate impacts and increase savings for commercial customers
        • Link rebate amounts to more efficiency rather than more wattage

        Advance Smart Control Incentives

        • Identify how Smart Control Incentives can deliver customer savings
        • Are rebates for standalone controls sufficient for customers to justify the added cost?

        Identify 2021 Building Electrification Legislation's impact on the Lighting Industry

        • Facilitate Beneficial Electrification [BE] and Commercial Building Benchmarking lighting opportunities

        Introduce Smart Configuration Rebates

        • Incentivize smarter, more efficient lighting layouts, reducing fixture counts, and delamping

        Bring Your Concerns, Ideas, & Topic Suggestions!

        EEBC Board Member, Mike Bryant, Ph.D., owner of Nuova Luce, a LED Lighting Conversion and Retrofit company based in Denver will chair the EEBC Lighting Working Group and co-chair EEBC member, Scot Kelley, Director of Sales at Colorado Lighting, a commercial lighting company on the Front Range.

        Let's tackle these issues together to create opportunities

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