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Helio Home is looking for a Zero Energy Home Assessor in the Metro Area | 6.2022

Helio Home wants to help transition homes off fossil fuels.  We are a one-stop shop for homeowners to electrify their homes - heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, EV chargers, insulation and air sealing work, solar and batteries - no more fossil fuels.  Why use expensive polluting fuels when there are great alternatives, often better?  We currently install in about 20 homes/month in the Metro area and are growing.

Part of the Helio process is a home assessment where we meet our clients and gather the details needed for a successful installation.  This includes a checklist of data gathering tasks: performing a blower door test to true up a preliminary manual J, assessing insulation and air sealing for potential shell/envelope improvements, gathering detailed dimensions of the mechanical room for new equipment install, running an electrical load calculation on the panel to determine if a panel upgrade is necessary, figuring out the best route for linesets & electrical...  

Post home assessment you will be in charge of truing up the entire scope of work - equipment load, design, detailed installation instructions - so our trade partners can go sight unseen prepared for a successful installation.  This entire process currently takes between 2-4 hours, so about 8/week and then meetings, emails, some group office time, but you're mostly on your own and with clients.

We are willing to train the right person, but you must be friendly and professional, have a broad knowledge of how homes are constructed, and a little bit of building science knowledge would be helpful.  It's a lot!  But again, if you have the right personality and know the broad fundamentals, we are willing to train.  

You will have use of a company electric vehicle, iPad for data/video documentation, blower door, and any other tools necessary.  This is a full-time position with health, dental, vision.  Currently we do not have a 401k, but stock options in Helio Home are on the table for the right person.

Pay range will depend on your abilities.  However, we are looking for top-tier people and understand, as with all things, you get what you pay for.  Diverse people of all stripes are welcomed and encouraged.

Please phone or text Bill at 970-846-4766 if interested.

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