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Employers: Get Help Training Your Existing Workforce and Hiring New Employees!

Job Seekers: Learn about HVAC/HP jobs, get trained, and be connected with hiring employers!

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Quality hands-on and online training for HVAC/Heat Pump (HP) technicians, high-performance building,

and Energy Efficiency Installs for your new hires and current employees at low to no cost

We encourage contractors and energy service providers to enroll themselves and their employees. 

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NEW! Hands-on Training: Heat Pump/HVAC

Fast Track Apprenticeship Program 

Provided by Johnstone Supply Denver, Bosch, Daiken, Fujitsu and a

select group of HVAC contractors specializing in Heat Pump systems.

Train New Employees and Upskill Your Current Workforce!

Program includes instructor-led hands-on training with Live equipment, manufacturer-specific training days (Ducted and Ductless), and Workday Experiences in the field with licensed contractors.

  • Learn all about the Green Construction Career pathway to top quality job opportunities available now in the HP/HVAC (Heat Pump/Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) industry.
  • Receive hands-on training with distributors and top manufacturers on their specific equipment.
  • Get in-the-field exposure to what these jobs are all about.
  • Talk to licensed contractors who are actively seeking employees.
This training program will introduce students to a HVAC/HP career in the fastest growing “Clean Energy/Green construction” industry. It will give them a foundational understanding of different types of heat pumps (HPs), applications, installation requirements, and key points to guiding others on evaluation of these systems in homes and businesses.

Participants will learn directly from top Colorado manufacturers and distributors how to perform quality installs on their specific equipment. They will also get to experience being with contractors in the field, and a have chance to talk with these potential employers.

5 Days to Complete the Program! (4 days for Upskillers*)

Days 1 & 1/2 of Day 2: Distributor instructor-led Heat Pump Fundamentals in a live lab. Learn about the full process of HP Installation from start to finish. Two 8-hour days (lunch included). (Provided by Johnstone Supply Denver)

Days 2 - 4: Manufacturers’ Product-Specific Heat Pump Training (ducted and ductless). Learn directly from each of the three top Colorado manufacturers how to perform quality installs to specifications on their specific equipment.  Spend partial days of instruction with each manufacturer (Provided by manufacturers Fujitsu, Daiken, Bosch, and Apion). The second half of Day 4 includes Live Lab and/or a Facility Tour & Orientation prep for Workday Experiences. 

Day 5 (for new-to-industry trainees): Participate in a hands-on in-the-field Workday Experience with a hiring HP/HVAC contractor to experience all things HVAC, including work environment, install skills, and contractor culture. This is a great opportunity for job seekers to spend time with licensed contractors who are actively screening and recruiting new hires. Employers and job seekers get to know each other and see if they are a good fit while learning what the job is all about. For students who may not be eligible for in-the-field Workday Experiences, alternative office/facility job exploration tour and/or informational interviews may be available. Optional/additional Workday Experiences may be available. (Provided by select HVAC/HP contractors looking to fill jobs.)

Upon completion of the above training and in-field Workday Experiences, graduates of the program will be ready to start a career as a Heat Pump Helper/Installer Apprentice with one of the select HVAC Contractors in this program. Graduates receive a Certificate of Completion and connections to licensed contractors with hiring opportunities. This opens the door to potential employment!

* Upskiller training has the same format for Days 1-4, however, there is no Workday Experience. Students will work with their current employers to apply their new skills at their business.