NEEP Report - HEMS
August 2015

Opportunities for Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) in Advancing Residential Energy Efficiency Programs

ClimateWorks | Home Energy Efficiency Cuts Costs for a 2°C Future
November 2015

The world’s largest and fastest-growing economies can help limit global warming to 2°C for significantly lower costs by prioritizing energy efficiency in the transport, buildings, and industrial sectors. More.

Modeling EPA's Clean Power Plan: Insights for Cost-Effective Implementation
May 2015

A brief examination of the impacts of the proposed Clean Power Plan. Highlighting the key role that energy efficiency programs can play in minimizing cost impacts to consumers and to power companies. Download the pdf of the report.

Navigating the Clean Power Plan: A Template for Including Building Energy
Codes in State Compliance Plans
March 2015

State specific guidelines proposed by the EPA for carbon dioxide emission for existing power plants. The white paper is intended to be used as a tool to help states establish and document emission reductions.

"This report summarizes key points about EPA’s proposed rule to limit carbon 
pollution from existing power plants, its impact on Colorado, and existing 
energy-efficiency policies in Colorado that can help the state comply with the rule."

ACEEE: Expanding the Energy Efficiency Pie Through High Program Participation
January 2015
New report by ACEEE examines utility EE program participation and its
importance to program success.

ACEEE: Multiple Benefits of Business-Sector Energy Efficiency:
A Survey of Existing and Potential Measures

January 2015
Businesses that implement energy efficiency improvements often enjoy other benefits 
besides utility bill savings. However previous efforts to measure multiple benefits have 
been sporadic and far from rigorous. 

Energy Foundation | Clean Energy Markets

Investments and innovations serving the public good. 2014 Annual Report. Read the report.

EEBC: State of the State Report | 2014

"In the 2014 report, we accumulate the findings to review the current state of Colorado’s energy efficiency industry, analyze the industry at the municipal level, and recommend a number of best practices that will help the state’s industry achieve the best results."

The Energy Efficiency Market Report 2014: Impact Of Energy Efficiency
"...(EEMR 2014) estimates that investment in energy efficiency markets
worldwide in 2012 was between USD 310 billion and USD 360 billion."

Making Sustainable Energy Choices: Insights on Energy/Water/Land Nexus October 2014
Energy efficiency and renewable energy are the best energy choices for saving water according to this new NREL report.

ACEEE: How Does Energy Efficiency Create Jobs?
November 2011

"...A retrofit project will create jobs in the construction sector, which supports
approximately 20 jobs per $1 million, compared to the all-sector average of 17."

EEBC: Colorado Energy Efficiency State of the State Report | 2012

"In Colorado alone, the energy efficiency industry provides more than 14,000 jobs
and creates more than $1 billion in local economic development."

... aretrofit project will create jobs in the construction sector, which supports approximately 20 jobs per $1 million, compared to all-sector average of 17.       Docket #10A- 554EG (Xcel Energy Strategic Issues ) 

       Docket #471EG (2011 Xcel Energy DSM Plan)

       Docket  #11A-631EG (2012-13 Xcel Energy DSM Plan)

       Docket #12A-100EE (2012-2015 Black Hills DSM Plan

       Docket #10A- 554EG (Xcel Energy Strategic Issues )  

       Docket #10A- 554EG (Xcel Energy Strategic Issues )  


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