Public Utilities Commission

EEBC regularly intervenes and advocates for strong energy efficiency policy in state utility commission dockets in Colorado on behalf of the energy efficiency industry.

2017-2018 Dockets

  • Xcel Energy - Docket No. 17A-0462EG, Colorado PUC. Docket work began in 2017 and continues with trial scheduled for 2018.

PUC Accomplishments

  • Docket #08A-366EG(2009 Xcel Energy DSM Plan)
  • Docket #10A-554EG (Xcel Energy Strategic Issues)
  • Docket #471EG (2011 Xcel Energy DSM Plan)
  • Docket #11A-631EG (2012-2013 Xcel Energy DSM Plan)
  • Docket #12A-100EE (2012-2015 Black Hills DSM Plan)

  More Recent
  • 2014 Xcel Energy DSM Plan
  • 2014 Xcel Strategic Issues Docket
  • 2015-2016 Xcel Energy Demand Side Management Plan
  • 2016-2018 Xcel Energy Demand Side Management Plan
  • 2016-2018 Black Hills Energy DSM Plan
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Investor-Owned Utilities Accomplishments

    Xcel Energy

  • Innovative Tech. RFP: Direct Evap Pre-Cooling, Res. Pool Pumps, Small Biz Refrig.
  • Energy Design Assistance: Opening Up in 2013
  • Insulation: Requiring BPI and Air Sealing, will inspect homes, training provided
  • Efficiency Finance: Marketing Program, with focus on contractors
  • A/C Early Retirement: Ongoing Xcel Energy Project
  • 2014 Xcel Rebate Schedule: CO Residential Energy Efficiency Programs

    Black Hills Energy

  • Added Weatherization to Cooling Program
  • Increased Budget to Train Contractors in A/C QI
  • Small Business Lighting with Finance Option
  • Lower Payback, Increased Incentives & Budget
  • Coordinate with Xcel Energy for Audit Marketing
  • Procedural: Agreed to Annual Stakeholder Meetings

    2012-2014 Successes with Investor-Owned Utilities

  • 2014 DSM Plan Docket 13A-0773EG with Xcel
  • Multi-Family Pilot
  • Proposed Upper-tier Window Program
  • WI-FI Communicating Thermostat Pilot
  • Proposed GSHP Roundtable discussion for potential program in 2015/2016
  • Proposed NATE Certification for Furnaces
  • Strategic Issues Docket 13A-0686EG with Xcel 
  • $100 million budget for energy savings maintained by Xcel

2015-2016 Successes with Investor-Owned Utilities

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