Regional Challenges and Initiatives

Energy Efficiency Business Coalition focuses on addressing local market needs by working with utilities, municipalities, and state government agencies to support programs that are beneficial to buildings a strong energy efficiency industry. Currently, we are focused on 3 key areas:

Establishing Quality Assurance Standards 

It is clear that the segmented nature of the building sector including policies, building types, and consumer motivations provide a challenge to rapidly scale the industry. National programs may provide an outline, but not a enforced standard for installation, technology, or business practices. To reach critical mass, the actors must increase the size of programs and common standards beyond local jurisdictions. This growth can happen by making the economic case for energy efficiency, linking building departments, and implementing a quality assurance a for retrofits. More information

Creating Value for Energy Efficiency Improvements

In the current risk-averse economic climate many businesses leaders and private individuals are not interested in new and innovative products. To help create more confidence for consumers to invest in energy efficiency solutions, the value must be established through a better understanding of energy costs, acknowledgement in real estate prices and overcoming barriers related to building ownership and occupancy. More information

Continuing Utility Participation and Sustainable Programs

It’s inevitable that the boom of government funding directly for energy efficiency industry will subside. But the momentum built and lessons learned will help to continue the growth of the energy efficiency through continued cost effective initiatives from the private and public sectors.  Utilities have a specific stake in providing affordable, reliable energy where energy efficiency provides an opportunity to postpone expensive investments in new power supply infrastructure.  State and local government seeking economic development and job creation also have an opportunity from the growth of the energy efficiency industry. All actors will need to plan to adapt to the following principles to keep programs and products cost effective. More information

Leaders & Laggards Scorecard

Energy Efficiency Business Coalition releases an annual Leaders & Laggards scorecard to identify utility and municipal participation in the growth of the energy efficiency industry. EEBC supports the adoption of more energy efficiency programs by these organizations through information, advocacy and collaboration. More information

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