The Energy Efficiency Business Coalition

Established in 2007 as a statewide trade association of non-utility companies, the Energy Efficiency Business Coalition (EEBC) has been the primary source of advocacy and information for the energy efficiency business community in Colorado. As a member-funded coalition of businesses, EEBC works with utilities, municipalities, and state legislature to promote policies and programs that support the business goals of our members.

EEBC works toward growing the energy efficiency industry by advocating for programs, influencing policies, and providing information on current market trends and creating opportunities to grow your company's business

EEBC member businesses’ include; manufacturers of energy efficiency products and equipment, DSM implementation and evaluation experts, demand response companies, engineering and architecture firms, data analytic firms, contractors (HVAC, insulation, LED lighting, window, occupancy sensors, and other technologies), financing experts, commercial energy service companies, workforce training companies, and home energy auditors.

EEBC member companies provide products and services that create healthier homes and buildings by using cost-effective
and sustainable methods to reduce energy, water and waste


EEBC’s mission is to expand the energy marketplace for our member companies by advocating for programs, influencing policies, and providing information on current market trends ... creating opportunities to grow your business. 

EEBC facilitates industry collaboration between energy efficiency businesses through networking opportunities and supports energy efficiency policies and programs that;

  • Create sustainable jobs for long-term economic vitality and growth
  • Provide cost-effective energy while improving the environment and public health
  • And, that uphold the standards for safety, quality and professionalism in the energy efficiency industry.
The decisions that are being made at this moment are the decisions that will transform the energy efficiency industry forever. EEBC is at the forefront to ensure utilities and government agencies are developing policies and designing their programs in a way that positively transforms the energy efficiency market.

To stay up-to-date on Colorado’s energy efficiency industry part of your membership includes News You Can Use... a newsletter that provides timely information on Colorado’s energy efficiency legislation.

EEBC creates a 'bigger revenue pie' for Colorado's energy efficiency industry by advocating with utilities, municipalities, and government organizations for energy efficiency policies and programs that have a positive effect for my contractors and distributor's customers bottom line. 

- Patricia Rothwell, Area Sales Manager, Owens Corning


Membership in a trade association has many benefits for your employees and company. The best reasons to be an EEBC member are the networking opportunities. The EEBC corporate membership includes a seat for up to 10 employees at all Quarterly Membership Meetings. Attend a meeting for the latest Colorado energy efficiency information. Read what Forbes, and QuickBooks have to say about the benefits to business of joining a trade association.

EEBC Membership FAQs

Who is EEBC?
EEBC is an trade association with a membership of 100+ energy efficiency businesses. EEBC provides tools for successful development through building a strong marketplace. EEBC shows a valid return on your membership investment through voicing your business needs for policy and programs, distributing regional market information and providing education opportunities.

What businesses does EEBC support?
EEBC's members include contractors, distributors, manufacturers, utility program implementers, trainers and other providers of energy efficiency products and services. Suppliers to the industry are welcome. Some are small local businesses, others are larger national firms. EEBC supports all members with a regional focus on policy, markets, and education. Attend an EEBC event to meet some of EEBC's members.

How do I become an EEBC member?
It takes less than 5 minutes to apply onlineYou'll start receiving member benefits within 48 hours after you application is received and approved. Payments for the annual membership can be made with a credit card or by check.

I know the energy efficiency industry is growing and I want to grow my business, where do I start?
Join EEBC. You will be part of an elite group of energy efficiency businesses recognized by local policy and program managers as leaders in quality and professionalism. You'll benefit from the timely industry information.

Make the most of your membership by attending the Quarterly Membership Meetings and participating on an EEBC committee

What do you mean by policy and how does that impact my business?
Visit EEBC's Advocacy page to learn how EEBC has made positive changes to support your business through intervening with Xcel Energy's DSM Plan, working with state legislators and by cooperating with municipality programs. In addition, you'll find information about what initiatives EEBC is working on for the future success of the energy efficiency industry. 

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