EEBC hosts events for updates on new programs, training for best practices, and stakeholder meetings for advocacy. Additionally, EEBC is the industry resource for local events that help support the growth of your business.

Our membership and education committees are working on quarterly meeting themes for 2016 and public tours of some interesting places. We will post the dates for the meetings and more details about the public tours soon.

Visit the Events page for more information about events for the industry and members only.

Energy Outreach Colorado’s Nonprofit Energy Efficiency Program (NEEP)
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XcelEnergy & Green Building Guild Sponsored Residential Energy Efficiency Trainings Classes
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Current Events and Education Sessions

HVAC installer jobs are in high demand right now.

Red Rocks Community College offers HVAC Energy Efficiency Certificates >>

ASHRAE has a certification called BEAP (Building Energy Assessment Professional)

BEAP Certification >>

The Association of Energy Auditors EA (Certified Energy Auditor)

Energy Auditor Certification >>


The first webinar discusses new options for duct and envelope testing for the IECC, while the second discusses new envelope requirements for the 2015 IECC and includes a presentation from a new homebuilder whose business plan includes only above code and net zero energy homes.

The Clean Power Plan, Extreme Weather, Energy Efficiency and your Colorado Small Business (PowerPoint pdf)
December 17 — The Small Business Majority and EEBC co-sponsored a webinar that delved into the connection between extreme weather, a changed climate and clean energy policies, like the Clean Power Plan. Energy efficiency resource contacts provided that can help small business owners save money on their energy bills. Energy topics affecting small businesses such as: 

  • Extreme weather events and their impact on small businesses and the economy 
  • The connection between climate change, extreme weather and strong clean energy standards 
  • Small business support for clean energy policies, such as the Clean Power Plan 
  • Resources available to small business owners to help them become more energy efficient and save money on utility bills 

Cost Effective Infiltration and Duct Leakage Testing for IECC Residential Testing Requirements
June 2015 - Deliver tests that builders need to meet 2009/2012/2015 IECC for air infiltration and duct leakage (IDL). Webinar covers: how IECC requirements apply; core elements of IDL certification; where a training/certificate system is in place; and how an IDL approach makes sense. Presenters: Jim Meyers, SWEEP; Joe Medosch, EEC; Brad Turner, Southface; Matthew Anderson, BPI.

Staying Ahead of Changing Energy Codes
June 2015 - Examining constantly evolving energy codes can help builders lead their markets by proactively updating building practices before changes become mandatory. This webinar, hosted by Insulation Institute, features an overview of specific code requirements in multiple states. Presenters: Jim Meyers, SWEEP; Patricia Rothwell, Owens Corning, and Bill Rectanus, New Town Builders.

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