Xcel Energy's Lighting Products | MEETING UPDATE Thursday, May 28, 2020

| HB 19-1231 New Appliance Energy & Water Efficiency Standards Implementation 
Colorado Efficiency Standards fort Appliances

MAY 28, 2020 | Market Research. Xcel Energy determined that ENERGY STAR LED bulbs are on average still more expensive than comparable inefficient lighting in the market. Hence, there is still a cost premium that Xcel Energy incentives can help close with rebates.

Updates for 2020. Xcel Energy has determined that no changes need to be made on the 2020 lighting program rebates. This includes no changes to the Home Lighting, Midstream, and lighting kit programs. This is good news for our trade allies who take advantage of these rebates! 

What about the Colorado State Law HB 19-1231 regulating lamp efficiencies? This law is still valid for non-A-lamps since the federal government is not regulating these lamps. However, Colorado agencies are not equipped to handle enforcement of the Colorado appliance and efficiency law regulating these lamps. The state Attorney General has been asked to enforce this rule. So enforcement of these standards will be a gray area until further defined by the State of Colorado.

Changes for 2021/2022. Starting in 2021, Xcel Energy will start to phase out specialty lamp savings (due to HB 19-1231) over a 4-year period. Lamps covered by federal standards (largely A-lamps), Xcel Energy will continue to monitor the market conditions but run business as usual. For all lamp products, rebates will continue to be adjusted to market needs. There is no specific plan for lamp rebate reductions along with savings reductions mentioned above.

Opportunity? Xcel Energy will be looking for new savings opportunities for other products in their portfolio. There should be a great opportunity for other businesses to pick up the slack and sell their energy savings measures!    60-DAY NOTICE  | DSM PLAN COST-BENEFITS

60-Day Notice | Response Deadline For Comments Is June 29, 2020
Home Lighting & Recycling, 
Multifamily Buildings, and Low-Income Energy Savings Kits Products

Xcel Energy's 60-Day Notice Results | Insulation & Air Sealing Product

MAY 2020 | Xcel Energy has updated the product write-up language. The most relevant section is on Page 4, the Qualifying Measures for Rebate. This allows for residences to participate insulation and air-sealing measures safely even if hazardous materials are present. If hazardous materials are present then the blower door test cannot be conducted and the residence will only be eligible for insulation rebates (but can still have air sealing measure installed).

This product excludes new residential construction, new residential additions, insulation of doors, garages, sheds, workshops, below-ground basements, mobile homes, projects with pre-improvement R-values of R-16 or greater, and residential properties with more than four units. To qualify for a rebate, all insulation must be installed to the manufacturer’s specifications and meet all state and local codes and federal regulations. Air sealing and weather stripping must follow industry-accepted practices for mitigating air leakage. For areas being treated, where there is a risk of asbestos, or other hazardous materials becoming airborne, blower door depressurization tests may not be performed. In these situations, the contractor is required to safely complete air sealing measures to the best of their abilities and note the invoice that the presence of a hazardous material prevented a blower door test from being completed. These customers will not be eligible for an air-sealing rebate.

Qualifying Measures for Rebates

  • Air sealing, bypass sealing, and weather stripping (required with insulation applications unless the home is 0.50 NACH or better.;
  • If air sealing is required, a minimum of a 20% reduction in air leakage must be achieved to qualify for insulation rebates;
  • Attic insulation (where existing insulation is R-15 or less) to a minimum R-value of R-49 and R-60 maximum; and
  • Wall insulation to an R-value of R-13; (existing exterior wall cavities must be empty;
  • Qualifying cellular shades must be AERC certified.


 | George McGuirk, Senior Regulatory Analyst – DSM Strategy & Financial Operation

The Company (Xcel Energy) received comments from the Energy Efficiency Business Coalition regarding the Insulation & Air Sealing 60-Day Notice published on March 13, 2020. The Company has worked with interested parties to address the concerns raised and has amended its original 60-Day Notice filing. The filed comments and Company responses are attached to this email along with an updated Product Write-up that reflects the amended intent of the Notice. This response and the corresponding material will also be posted on the Company’s DSM website.

| Andy Wildenberg, E3 Power, EEBC member representing the insulation and auditing industry members.

This was the outcome EEBC members submitted comments for. Xcel Energy was allowing insulation rebates for homes with mold and asbestos, but no air sealing rebates. However, now if the home had asbestos and mold professional removed it still qualifies for the air sealing rebate as well. The 60-Day Notice as originally written had those homes excluded from the rebate.

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